Henry Green

Caught, Back, Concluding
  • Caught, Back, Concluding

  • Dazzling, daring and full of original insight and wit, Henry Green offers a unique view of a class-ridden Britain enduring both war and its aftermath. In the apocalyptic atmosphere of the Blitz, so brilliantly evoked in Caught, gossip spreads like wildfire and the lives of two men are torn apart. In Back, Charley, an amputee, returns from a prison camp to his village and the grave of the woman he loved. Concluding was Green's own favourite of his novels and tells the story of a summer's day and a schoolgirl's disappearance.

    The text of Caught used in this edition is based on Green's original manuscript, which was censored by the publisher on first publication, but can be read now for the first time in unexpurgated form.

Henry Green was born in 1905 and spent his youth in his family home in the West Country. After his education as Eton and Oxford he worked with his father in an engineering company, but pursued a parallel career as a novelist.