George Brown

  • Ringmain

  • A US state visit in the diplomatic diaries, a labour MP freelancing as an IRA fixer; and a mole at the top of the British intelligence worth lorry-loads of Armalites to the dangerous men in Dublin...the high-explosive ringman circuit is falling into place.

    Its last connection is the world’s most expensive death dealer who kills the highest placed for the highest price. Code-named Siegfried, he’s in London to earn three-quarters of a million pounds with a job on the side.

    Between the steel toe-cap going in and the ringman triggering to detonate, the kill-master will find out which side...

George Brown has spent much of his life in South East Asia, initially fighting terrorists in the jungles of Malaysia before retiring to run a plantation. He has kept close links with counter-terrorist colleagues throughout the world, and his books are consequently filled with the most accurate and up-to-date information on a hidden war unseen by the public. His second novel, The Double Tenth, was shortlisted for WH Smith's Thumping Good Read award. This is his fourth novel. His previous titles are all available in Arrow paperback.

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