Mark Shand

Queen Of The Elephants
  • Queen Of The Elephants

  • Mark Shand trekked 300 miles across East Benghal and Assam on the back of an elephant with Parbato Barua, the foremost and only female elephant trainer in all India. This book describes the experiences shared during this remarkable journey - joining a government 'elephant squad' together with local villagers to chase a band of wild elephants off a tea estate, and making a stop at Parbati's ancestral home, now a virtual shrine to her father's lifelong work with elephants. The importance of this ancient knowledge becomes clear: if not preserved, the Asian elephant stands an even greater chance of disappearing altogether.

Mark Shand received the Travel Writer of the Year Award for his number one bestseller Travels on My Elephant. His previous book, Skullduggery, with photographs by Don McCullin, is the story of his search for the head-hunting tribes of Indonesia. He wrote the script and narrated the 'Discovery' feature-length television film 'Queen of the Elephants'.