Kate Carr

It's Not Like That, Actually
  • It's Not Like That, Actually

  • Kate Carr

    It is impossible to go back to the old life after a cancer diagnosis; the reality of surviving is complex. Kate Carr was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39, underwent extensive harrowing treatment, and in 1998 was told that she'd reached a significant milestone - the five-year mark. Reaching this point without the cancer returning is a strong indication that the treatment has been successful. The sad truth, however, is that, like all cancer sufferers who have reached this stage, she had to live every day with the knowledge that it can come back at any time. It's Not Like That, Actually charts Kate's diagnosis and treatment, while explaining in beautifully written detail the ups and downs - the reality - of moving on from there and dealing with the emotional burden that friends and family find it difficult to understand. A unique, inspirational, practical book for all cancer sufferers, and their families.

Kate Carr was a freelance writer and freelance Books Editor for Good Housekeeping magazine. She died in September 2004 at the age of 47 after her cancer returned. She left behind her partner and two children (aged 9 and 12).