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The Anglo-Saxons
  • The Anglo-Saxons

  • A history that spans more than half a millennium, The Anglo-Saxons is nothing less than a quest for England's origins. This is the story of our island at its most strange and evocative period – the time of the Anglo-Saxons.

    Marc Morris’s brilliant new book will take its readers from an alien world of slaves, temples, villas, druids and amphorae, to a familiar landscape of shires and boroughs, villages, parish churches and minsters; from the worship of vanished gods like Thor and Woden to the veneration of saints – Cuthbert, Alban, Edmund – who still recognised today; from a population who spoke Latin and Celtic, to one whose language was recognizably the ancestor of the English that is spoken today.

Dr Marc Morris is a historian and broadcaster, specialising in the Middle Ages. He is the author of King John: Treachery, Tyranny and the Road to Magna Carta, The Norman Conquest and A Great and Terrible King. In 2003 Marc presented the highly acclaimed TV series Castle for Channel 4 and wrote its accompanying book. He has also contributed to other history programmes on radio and television. An expert on medieval monarchy and aristocracy, and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Marc has written numerous articles for History Today, BBC History Magazine and Heritage Today (now published together as an e-book, Kings and Castles).

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