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The Henry James BBC Radio Drama Collection
  • The Henry James BBC Radio Drama Collection

  • Henry James

    A sweeping collection of brand new full-cast dramatisations of the works of Henry James.

    This collection includes:

    Roderick Hudson
    Rowland Mallet, a wealthy Bostonian bachelor, becomes patron to a young sculptor, Roderick Hudson, and takes him from the US to Rome to study and develop his art. Rowland falls in love with Roderick's fiance, and Roderick becomes involved in a destructive relationship with the beautiful Christina Light.

    The American
    The adventures and misadventures of Christopher Newman, a good-hearted but gauche American businessman on his first tour of Europe, and his courtship of a young widow from an aristocratic Parisian family.

    Daisy Miller
    Frederick Winterbourne meets the beautiful and free spirited Daisy Miller and falls instantly in love, but when his desire for her is met with disapproval from his aunt will he follow his heart?

    The Portrait of a Lady
    Henry James' masterpiece about desire and freedom. Arriving in England from her native America, Isabel Archer is pursued by two suitors. But she is determined to explore what the world has to offer and declares she will never marry.

    The Aspern Papers
    A nameless narrator goes to Venice to find Juliana Bordereau, an old lover of Jeffrey Aspern, a famous and now dead American poet. Based on the letters Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote to Mary Shelley's stepsister, Claire Clairmont.

    What Maisie Knew
    When Beale and Ida Farange are divorced, the court decrees that their only child, the very young Maisie, will spend six months of the year with each of them. But the parents use Maisie to intensify their hatred of each other.

    The Turn of the Screw
    The famous gothic ghost story: a country governess is hired to raise two orphaned children in a lonely estate in Essex. But mystery surrounds the house, and the children.

    The Wings of the Dove
    Milly Theale, an enormously rich young American woman, fears she is suffering from an incurable disease. A love triangle, deceit and heartbreak follow.

    The Ambassadors
    Lambert Strether, a fifty-something New Englander lately arrived in Paris, has been sent to the city to persuade the fun-loving son of his wealthy fiancée to return home. But now Strether too falls under the spell of Paris.

    The Golden Bowl
    A study of marriage and adultery, exploring the tangle of relationships between a father and daughter and their respective spouses.

    Also included is a bonus documentary programme, The Master, about Henry James and his work.

    With casts including Henry Goodman, Toby Jones, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Sian Phillips, Lee Ingleby and Jodie Comer, with John Lynch as Henry James.

Henry James was born in 1843 in New York and died in London in 1916. In addition to many short stories, plays, books of criticism, autobiography and travel, he wrote some twenty novels, the first published being Roderick Hudson (1875). They include The Europeans, Washington Square, The Portrait of a Lady, The Bostonians, The Princess Casamassima, The Tragic Muse, The Spoils of Poynton, The Awkward Age, The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors and The Golden Bowl.