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Optimum Healing
  • Optimum Healing

  • OPTIMUM HEALING is an essential guide to everyone interested in what good health really means - and how to encourage it. Through case histories which mirror the lives of ordinary people everywhere, Dr Craig Brown shows that physical illness is often the expression of a deeper emotional and spiritual problem. He explains that five negative attributes underly all illness: anger, depression, guilt, attachment and worry, and that unless these are released, as one physical symptom is cured, so another will inevitably occur.

    In this highly readable book, Dr Brown offers practical suggestions, excercises and ideas to help you:

    *Confront and release your own negative attributes
    *Find a balance between your body, mind and spirit
    *Establish harmony with your environment
    *Discover your own path to optimum healing and inner peace

Craig Brown was born in 1957 and has been in journalism for over 20 years, writing for both national newspapers and magazines. His previous books include two novels, collections of his fictional journalists Bel Littlejohn and Wallace Arnold, as well as The Little Book of Chaos and The Craig Brown Private Eye Omnibus. He also writes the Way of the World column for the Daily Telegraph.

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