Angela Kanter

My Ballerina Sister On Stage
  • My Ballerina Sister On Stage

  • Charlotte is in for a nasty surprise when Emmy makes a new friend, Tom. For Tom's big sister, Icky Nicky, is in Charlotte's ballet class - and they hate each other! But when their sisters' fighting starts to get in the way of Tom and Emmy's friendship, they must find a way of bringing their warring siblings together, and ballet could be just the thing they need. And to Charlotte and Nicky's surprise, they soon find they have a lot more in common than they had realised.

Angela Kanter is a journalist and part-time assistant in a primary school. Journey to Apple Pie, an eight-part serial for children, was broadcast on LBC. She won the Company/Beverley Hayne Memorial Award for magazine writing. This is her second book. She is now living in London.

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