Georgina Born

Uncertain Vision
  • Uncertain Vision

  • The BBC is the world's most famous and powerful cultural institution. Throughout its 75 year existence it has attracted criticism, controversy and political bullying, as well as epitomising globally the heights to which public, non-commercial broadcasting can aspire. It remains the model for public broadcasters around the world. Uncertain Vision is a unique and fascinating portrait of this venerable institution in changing and uncertain times. It is based on the most extensive independent research ever conducted inside the BBC, during which Georgina Born was allowed unprecedented access to employees from all ranks of the organisation and gives an extraordinary portrait of the corporation during the later 1990s, the last years of the regime of the former director general John Birt. Its insight into the workings and problems of the BBC is unparalled and it does not flinch from criticising the destructive policies of the Birt period. It promises to be a stimulating, controversial and definitive portrait of the most fascinating period in the history of the greatest broadcasting organisation in the world.

Georgina Born is an academic, journalist and broadcaster. She is a Reader in Sociology, Anthropology and Music at Cambridge University.