Scott W. Ventrella

The Power Of Positive Thinking In Business
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking In Business

  • Would you like to have the confidence and self-belief to get ahead at work?

    We are all born positive thinkers but our positive traits can be clouded over by the stresses and strains of daily life. Written in cooperation with the (Norman Vincent) Peale Center, The Power of Positive Thinking in Business will help you overcome negative attitudes, such as fear and lack of confidence, and replace them with the traits of a positive thinker: optimism, determination, patience and focus.

    Positivity also has a wider role to play: in fast-changing times and the uncertain economic climate it is important to have positivity in the workplace to rise to the challenges ahead. This book will show you how you can deal more effectively with tough situations and difficult people, and dramatically improve your performance and confidence at work.

    So reap the benefits of positive thinking in your professional life and say goodbye to negativity for good.

Born in Ohio, USA, in 1898, Norman Vincent Peale grew up helping support his family by delivering newspapers, working in a grocery store, and selling pots and pans door to door, but later was to become one of the most influential clergymen in the 20th-century. Educated at Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University, he went on to become a reporter on the Findlay, Ohio, Morning Republic prior to entering the ministry and went on to author some 40 books. Peale confessed that as a youth he had 'the worst inferiority complex of all', and developed his positive thinking/positive confession philosophy just to help himself. He died in 1993 aged 95. Scott W. Ventrella has worked closely with the Peale Center to develop a series of exciting business programmes on which this book is based. He lives in the United States.