Stephen Whitehead

The Many Faces Of Men
  • The Many Faces Of Men

  • Are you a Neanderthal (unreconstructed male)? Or perhaps you're married to a Manchild (think midlife crisis)? Is your brother a Cool Poser (he thinks he is)? Or do you work with a Corporate Man? We all know that men come in many shapes and sizes - but do you know how to recognise the difference between an Achilles and an Adonis? This highly entertaining guide shows you how to identify the man in your life - or recognise your own personality. Written in a tongue-in-cheek, accessible style, this book contains serious insights into the nature of men and masculinity by a respected expert on gender studies. Starting with a guide to modern men and their behaviours, it then goes on to reveal the 27 different faces of men in detail. For every woman who wants to find out more about the man in her life (or how to recognise the ones she needs to stay away from in future), or for every man who wants to find out why he behaves the way he does, this book is a must.

Dr Stephen Whitehead is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Sociology at Keele University, Staffordshire. He has published extensively on gender, men, modern relationships and sexuality, and his books have received widespread media acclaim. He is a member of the UK government Cabinet Office Forum on Gender Research and lives in Lancashire with his wife and children.

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