Nick Drake

  • Egypt

  • Egypt, 1320 BC

    The future of Egypt lies in the hands of chief detective Rahotep. Sent on a clandestine mission, he crosses enemy empires and rogue states to deliver a top-secret letter, from the Queen to her arch-enemy, the King of the Hittites.

    Rahotep knows he may not return from this mission. But he also has a personal motive driving him on, and personal demons he must face. Will he conquer them in time to save Egypt’s greatest dynasty, and his own family, from the terror that threatens them all?

    EGYPT: The Book of Chaos is an epic tale of adventure and intrigue from a master storyteller. It shines a light on one of the most compelling unsolved mysteries of the Ancient world.

Nick Drake was born in 1961. He is an award-winning poet and screenwriter. He is also Literary Associate at the National Theatre.