Steve May

  • Arthur

    • Sebastian Baczkiewicz

    • Steve May

    • Ben Whishaw (Read by)

    • Eve Best (Read by)

    • Full Cast (Read by)

    • Ian McDiarmid (Read by)

    • Jane Lapotaire (Read by)

    • Pam Ferris (Read by)

    • Philip Glenister (Read by)

    The story of Arthur retold: as a powerful tribal leader in fifth-century Britain.

    The action takes place in Britain between 493 AD and 515 AD. It begins with the 17-year-old Arthur, a stable boy, who is visited by Merlin. He pulls the sword from the stone and is proclaimed king; a legend is born.

    But the tribal leaders refuse to acknowledge him, and in the years that follow a civil war begins, Arthur has a son, receives Excalibur, and eventually rules with his Queen, Gwenfar at his side.

    This gripping tale of Arthur’s rule takes in betrayal, combat, a quest for the Holy Grail, human sacrifice, adultery, treason and war.

    Starring Jane Lapotaire as Morgan, Ben Whishaw as Young Arthur, Philip Glenister as Older Arthur, Ian McDiarmid as Merlin, Eve Best as Young Morgan and Pam Ferris as Gaura.

    Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz (Episodes 1-3) and Steve May (Episodes 4-6)
    Directed by Gordon House
    Produced by Gordon House and Jeremy Mortimer

RELEASED 01/01/2098

Sebastian Baczkiewicz Sebastian Baczkiewicz is an English writer. Bacziewicz trained as an actor at The Drama Centre in London. He was the BBC's first writer in residence in 2000, and is the writer of original BBC Radio dramas Pilgrim and Elsinore. Steve May is Vice Dean Provost for the College of Liberal Arts at Bath Spa University. His prophetic play, Horizon, was broadcast by the BBC in 2008, and ten plays in the Higher series (written as Joyce Bryant, and dealing with current issues in HE) have been broadcast between 2008 and 2015.