Christine McGuire

Until Justice Is Done
  • Until Justice Is Done

  • While women walk in fear of the rapist, the rapist walks in fear of the killer.....
    This is a story about secrets- dark, deadly secrets-and as Senior Trial Attorney Kathryn Mackay pursues her quarry, so one by one the secrets are revealed.
    Secrets of the twilight world of auto-erotic sex; secrets of the warped mind of a multiple rapist; secrets of the dark soul of the vengeance killer; the secrets only the dead reveal.
    And the closer they draw to the truth, the greater the danger every one of them is in.

Christine McGuire, acclaimed both as a prosecutor and an author, is an assistant district attorney in Northern California, where she worked as head of the homicide/Sexual Assault Unit. Her First book, Perfect Victim (Co-written with Carla Norton), a non-fiction account of a sexual enslavement case, was an international bestseller and sold over a million copies worldwide. Her first novel, Until Proven Guilty, also featuring Kathryn Mackay is available in mandarin paperback.