Kate Saunders

  • Lily-Josephine

  • Lily-Josephine had a talent for love. Wilful, enchanting and passionate, she was the centre of a charmed universe - until her foolish, indulgent father married again.

    Like Snow-Drop in Grimms' fairy tale, Lily ran from her jealous stepmother one idyllic summer evening in 1941. She escaped to find sanctuary but, at Randalls, discovered a love far greater than any she had ever known...

    A generation later, the events set in train that night begin to unravel when Sophie Gently falls in love with Octavius Randall and the bizarre and tragic history linking their families is uncovered. Not until ancient passions and betrayals have been confronted can Lily-Josephine - long gone, but never forgotten - truly be laid to rest.

Kate Saunders is a journalist and writer. She has written for the Sunday Times, the Sunday Express, the Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan, and has contributed to Radio 4's Woman's Hour, Start the Week, and Kaleidoscope. She lives in London with her son.