Judy Astley

The Right Thing
  • The Right Thing

  • Funerals are strange things. Kitty hadn't really wanted to go to this one - a old school friend she hadn't seen for years - and she hadn't bargained for the way it made her think of the past. In particular, it made her think of the baby she had given birth to when she was eighteen, the baby her parents had insisted she give away for adoption. She'd called her Madeleine, and she remembered her every day, what she was like, if she was happy. But now, reminded of how cruelly short life can be, she had to see her - just to make sure she'd done the right thing.

    Life had turned out pretty well for Kitty. Secure in her marriage, with her two teenage children and a house within sound and sight of the Cornish surf, she counted herself among the lucky ones. But the hole left by that first baby wasn't getting any smaller, and she decided to make the first, tentative steps towards filling it - although she, and all her family, were quite unprepared for the upheaval which followed.

Judy Astley became the author of witty, contemporary novels after several years as a dressmaker, illustrator, painter and parent. Her own Christmases are a mad mixture of ever-increasing family, too much food and a panic-stricken last-minute hurtle round the shops for presents. She has usually managed to pay off the resulting expense by the time the next lot of Christmas cards come on the market. Judy lives in London and Cornwall.