Sean Moncrieff

  • Dublin

  • Dublin was mucky and vulgar. Like a tourist who gets drunk and wakes up with a huge tattoo.
    This is what it's like for you: your name is Simon Dillon. You're 35. You're a failure. Too hungover to go to work, too lazy to get a new job, too keen to blame everyone else: your mad father, your estranged wife, your so-called friends. Blame them. Blame Dublin.
    You'd rather do a few lines of coke, but there's a beautiful French woman you can't remember meeting, cops banging on the door asking about a dead woman you don't know, Russian gangsters asking questions you can't answer. Murders all over the city; bombs in O'Connell Street.
    And it's got nothing to do with you. Except that it's all your fault.
    A needle-sharp, funny and scathing thriller, set in a Dublin most people don't read about - the real one.

A household name in Ireland, Sean Moncrieff has hosted various radio and tv programmes over the last decade. A journalist by training, he lives outside Dublin with his wife and three children. Dublin is his first novel; The King of Women is his second

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