Damien Lewis

Cobra 405
  • Cobra 405


    In a breathtaking act of daring, a band of armed men blast their way into the Imperial Bank of Beirut. Over the next 48 hours they load up three trucks with gold bullion, and disappear without a trace.

    But whilst the heist went like clockwork, the raiders are forced to hide the loot and make a quick getaway. Thirty years later, they are planning their return.

    The only problem is that a powerful and ruthless enemy – the deadly Black Assassins – is hell-bent on catching up with them and finding the gold first.

    It’s a race against time for the ultimate prize.

Damien Lewis is a journalist and documentary film maker and has spent twenty years reporting from conflict zones. He has worked for the Telegraph, the Guardian and the BBC. Slave and Operation Certain Death have both been Sunday Times bestsellers. He lives in London.