Guy Browning

Weak at the Top: The Complete Series 1 and 2
  • Weak at the Top: The Complete Series 1 and 2

  • All eight episodes of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom about the marketing maestro who puts the ‘man’ into management

    John Weak is a high-powered Marketing Director with the morals of a skunk, the skin of a rhino and the brain of a one-celled organism. Randy, devious, sexist and drink-sodden, he spends his time skiving, chasing top totty and trying to keep his demanding boss, Sir Marcus, happy.

    With the help of his long-suffering PA Hayley and friend Bill Peters (‘Director of Long Lunches and Work Avoidance’), Weak manages to stay on top by doing absolutely nothing of use while giving the appearance of adding value to Smokehouse Plc, a company that makes processed food products from ingredients you’d never consider eating individually.

    In these eight episodes, he battles to roll out an urgent global website, discovers there’s nothing legally binding about a legally binding contract, leaves a ‘witty’ comment on a leaving card that sends panic through Human Resources and designs the perfect company conference using only a video of great sporting moments and ‘that fox’ from Channel 5 news. Plus, he unveils the feminist text of a chocolate bar ad, solves the meeting room crisis with a spot of seduction and turns Smokehouse green while saving Sir Marcus from an eco-Nazi who insists on paper underwear.

    Created by bestselling author, humorist and management guru Guy Browning, this hilarious satire of corporate culture stars Alexander Armstrong as John Weak, with Clare Perkins as Hayley, Geoffrey Whitehead as Sir Marcus and Ron Cook as Bill Peters.

    Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting

RELEASED 20/02/2020

Guy Browning (Author) Guy Browning comes from a long line of English eccentrics who, for many centuries, have contributed almost nothing to the great sweep of history. He is currently continuing that proud tradition on a small farm in Oxfordshire, raising rare breeds of human being. In his spare time, he has written, amongst other books, Office Politics, Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade, Go Home Early, Maps of My Life, How to Be Normal and, most recently, The British Constitution: First Draft. Alexander Armstrong (Reader) Alexander Armstrong is one half of the comedy duo Armstrong & Miller who had a regular series on Channel 4 from 1997 to 2001 and then returned with three series of the BAFTA winning Armstrong & Miller Show on BBC1 in 2007. Alexander’s many straight acting roles have included Love Life, Life Begins, Mutual Friends and the sitcomHunderby. He frequently hosts Have I Got News For You?, is the voice of Danger Mouse and the narrator of CBeebies cult hit Hey Duggee. Alexander is also a presenter on Classic FM and has a number one bestselling classical album to his name, but is probably best known for presenting the highly successful daytime quiz show Pointless, now in its twelfth series.