Rory McGrath

Black Cinderella Two Goes East: A BBC Radio Comedy Pantomime
  • Black Cinderella Two Goes East: A BBC Radio Comedy Pantomime

    • Clive Anderson

    • Rory McGrath

    • Bill Oddie (Read by)

    • Full Cast (Read by)

    • Graeme Garden (Read by)

    • John Cleese (Read by)

    • Peter Cook (Read by)

    • Tim Brooke Taylor (Read by)

    Black Cinderella Two Goes East was a radio pantomime broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 25 December 1978. The programme is notable for being one of only a few radio programmes (co)-produced by Douglas Adams while he was employed by the BBC as a radio producer.
    The hour-long programme was written by Clive Anderson and Rory McGrath and was co-produced by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.
    It is also notable for featuring performances by John Cleese (The Fairy God Person), Peter Cook (Prince Disgusting), The Goodies; Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Greame Garden, John Pardoe (Liberal MP who faced Thatcher in the 1964 General Election) as the Fairy tale Liberal Prime Minister and David Hatch (Controller of BBC Radio)
    Featuring sketches and songs with a decidedly Python-esque slant, this would be a festive treat for all vintage comedy fans

RELEASED 01/01/2098

Rory McGrath was born in the last century. He studied at Redruth Grammar School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He is one of the best-known faces in British comedy, appearing in programmes such as They Think It's All Over, QI and Three Men in a Boat. He was a co-founder of TV production company Hat Trick Productions, and has written jokes for many comedians, including Frankie Howerd. He lives in Cambridge and supports Arsenal.