Niamh O'Connor

Blood Ties
  • Blood Ties

  • Husband against wife ...
    Wife against husband ...
    Discover what happens when the bonds of family break ...

    Find out more about the gruesome case of the so-called 'Scissor Sisters', whose bloody slaughter of their mother's lover ended with an unsolved mystery as to the final resting place of the victim's head - see the only interview with killer Charlotte Mulhall since she entered prison. .

    Read the most up-to-date account of the murder of mother-of-two Rachel O'Reilly, including her husband's latest appeal.

    And get the full story behind the sensational case of Sharon Collins and the 'Lying Eyes' hitman-for-hire scandal.

    As a leading crime reporter for the Sunday World, Niamh O'Connor has interviewed killers, has sat in court as justice was done, and spoken to the condemned in prison to give us the inside stories on three of Ireland's most notorious murder cases.

Niamh O'Connor is one of Ireland's best known crime authors. She is the true crime editor for the Sunday World, Ireland's biggest selling Sunday newspaper. Her job, in which she interviews both high profile criminals and their victims, means she knows the world she is writing about. If I Never See You Again went to number one in the Nielsen Heatseekers chart when it was released as in the UK in January 2011. If I Never See You Again was nominated in the Best Newcomers category of the Irish Book Awards in November 2010. The follow up novel, Taken, was a number two bestseller in Ireland in June 2011.