Rosalinda V. Hutton

Cry and You Cry Alone
  • Cry and You Cry Alone

  • After an idyllic early childhood in Surrey, Linda's life descended into poverty and chaos when her parents' marriage crumbled and her unstable mother's sanity declined.

    She experienced a brief period of comfort in a caring foster home before being plunged into the dark, terrifying world of a 1960s institution. St Anne's Convent, Orpington, was a Catholic children's home run by the infamous Sisters of Mercy and a former monk who inflicted bizarre and barbaric beliefs and practices on the children in his care.

    Cry and You Cry Alone is the achingly honest story of a survivor of shocking child abuse that took place in the heart of an English suburb.

Rosalinda V. Hutton has worked as a legal secretary and as an English lecturer. She has an honours degree in humanities and currently works with adults with learning difficulties and mental-health problems.