Per Wahlöö

Martin Beck  Roseanna
  • Martin Beck Roseanna

    • Maj Sjöwall

    • Per Wahlöö

    • Lois Roth

    • Lois Roth (Translator)

    • Full Cast (Read by)

    • Neil Pearson (Read by)

    • Steven Mackintosh (Read by)

    The Martin Beck books are widely acknowledged as some of the most influential detective novels ever written. Written by Swedish husband and wife team Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö between 1965-1975, the ten-book series set a gold standard for all subsequent Scandanavian crime fiction. Long before Kurt Wallander or Harry Hole, Beck was the original flawed policeman, working with a motley collection of colleagues to uncover the cruelty and injustice lurking beneath the surface of Sweden's seemingly liberal, democratic society. In Roseanna, adapted from the first book in the series, the body of an attractive young woman is dredged from the Gota Canal. Beck and his team have to narrow down the list of suspects from 85 cruise passengers, in an investigation that ends with a risky and frightening sting... Translated by Lois Roth and dramatised by Jennifer Howarth.

    1 CD. 1 hr 14 mins.

Born in 1926, Per Wahlöö was a Swedish writer and journalist who, alongside his own novels, collaborated with his wife, Maj Sjöwall, on the bestselling Martin Beck crime series which are credited as inspiring writers as varied as Agatha Christie, Henning Mankell and Jonathan Franzen. In 1971 the fourth novel in the series, The Laughing Policeman, won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. Per Wahlöö died in 1975.