Émilie de Turckheim

Héloïse is Bald
  • Héloïse is Bald

  • Émilie de Turckheim

    She is seven months old. She is bald. She is wearing red nail varnish. She is in love.

    This strange, uneasy love story follows Héloïse as she attempts to seduce the silver-tongued Doctor Lawrence Calvagh. A man forty years her senior, who may love her too. But Lawrence is not all he appears, and while Héloïse begins injuring herself so that he will stitch her back together, every other woman in her family also seems to be under his spell.

    Reaching from the elegant salons of Paris to the golden sands of Corsica, the mountains of Algeria to the art galleries of New York, this subversive novel examines love at its most shocking and violent. And in Héloïse, as baby, nymphet, teenage mother, celebrated photographer, and wife, we have a truly provocative heroine.

Émilie de Turckheim was born in Lyon in 1980. She is the author of six novels, including Chute libre, for which she won the 2007 Vocation Prize.