Luana Lewis

Forget Me Not
  • Forget Me Not

  • Luana Lewis

    A tragic suicide?

    When Rose’s daughter, Vivien, is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose has questions nobody can answer. Wasn’t Vivien living the perfect life? A caring husband, a sweet little girl of her own.

    Or the perfect murder?

    But as the police investigation develops, their findings raise new questions. Did Vivien kill herself, or was she attacked? If so, who has something to hide?

    As Rose struggles to piece together the secrets of her daughter’s life, the cracks in the family begin to show. But once Rose knows the answers, there’s no going back...

    A gripping thriller perfect for fans of Daughter, The Book of You and C L Taylor's The Lie.

Luana Lewis is a clinical psychologist and author of two non-fiction books. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. Visit her website at