Sheila Norton

The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay
  • The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay

  • Sheila Norton

    Jess is looking for a fresh start and facing an uncertain future ...

    She takes refuge in the beautiful Devon seaside town of Pennycombe but her confidence is at an all-time low after losing her job. She's treading on eggshells living with her cousin Ruth, who seems to be permanently angry with her, and although she enjoys her new job at the local pet shop, with boss Jim pondering retirement, it's soon threatened with closure. But with faithful dog Prudence by her side, Ruth decides it's time to overcome her shyness and make a life for herself in Pennycombe. After volunteering for Pets at Therapy she soon becomes more involved with the local community and makes new friends, including handsome Tom and his son Jacob. But her hopes of romance are dashed when she sees Tom with a mystery woman...

    Will Jess finally get her happy ending and feel at home in Pennycombe?

Sheila Norton lives near Chelmsford in Essex with her husband, and worked for most of her life as a medical secretary, before retiring early to concentrate on her writing. Sheila is the award-winning writer of numerous women’s fiction novels and over 100 short stories, published in women’s magazines. She has three married daughters, six little grandchildren, and over the years has enjoyed the companionship of three cats and two dogs. She derived lots of inspiration for her animal books from remembering the pleasure and fun of sharing life with her own pets. When not working on her writing Sheila enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as reading, walking, swimming, photography and travel. For more information please see