Jeremy Front

Charles Paris: A Doubtful Death
  • Charles Paris: A Doubtful Death

  • Bill Nighy returns as the loveably louche actor cum amateur sleuth, Charles Paris. In this new drama, Charles Paris is appearing in Hamlet when the actress playing Ophelia apparently commits suicide.

    As ever, Charles is his own worst enemy, a louche lush who can resist anything except temptation, especially in the form of women and alcohol. His intentions may be good but somehow the results always go wrong. Charles Paris is an actor. Is he a good actor? He would say he was unlucky in his choice of agents, his present one Maurice included, and it is certainly true that luck has a lot to do with showbiz success. Let us say he is not a bad actor and leave it at that.

    What makes Charles different from other seedy, middle-aged, down at heel actors is that he can't avoid finding himself near trouble, that trouble being murder. He may be an amateur sleuth but he's patently no Poirot. Most of his brainwork is done over a large Bell's in the pub. In the still, quiet, deadly hours of the early morning, lying alone, Charles can't help wondering where he'd be if he put half as much energy into his career as he does into solving crime.

    Written by Jeremy Front from a story by Simon Brett.

    Bill Nighy stars as Charles. Simon Brett OBE has written 19 Charles Paris novels as well as many other detective novels. Jeremy Front is a dramatist and comedic writer; he has won awards for his adaptation of Sword of Honour and co-writes and stars in the series Incredible Women with his sister, Rebecca.

RELEASED 02/07/2020

Jeremy Front (Author) Jeremy Front is an award winning writer, actor and broadcaster. He studied Fine Art (Painting) at Goldsmith’s, University of London and Central St. Martin’s School of Art. His first feature length screenplay was shortlisted for the Oxford Film Foundation Prize and first theatre pieces were musical/sketch revues, co-written with his sister, Rebecca Front. Four Times Four, a collection of monologues for women was staged by the RSC in Stratford as part of their New Writing Season. Jeremy has written extensively for radio and television moving between original and adaptations in both drama and comedy. Work for BBC Radio includes the comedy series: Jack and Millie, seven series of Incredible Women (nominated BBC Audio Drama Award) in both of which he co-stars with Rebecca Front, and the long-running radio comedy series The Charles Paris Mysteries starring Bill Nighy. Jeremy has adapted and dramatized work by Graham Greene Stamboul Train, Elizabeth Gaskell Mr. Harrison’s Confession, John Meade Faulkner The Lost Stradivarius, Anita Loos Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Nominated and Finalist for a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Award), Chekov The Duel and Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall, Scoop, Brideshead Revisited and The Sword of Honour Trilogy (Winner of the BBC Audio Drama Award).