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Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off...Article 50
  • Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off...Article 50

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    He’s back! In this special all-star one-off episode Marcus Brigstocke returns as Budleigh Salterton’s biggest idiot, come to help us over the cliff-edge in a show that - in a tribute to Brexit – will still be being put together right up to the last minute

    It's misery chez the Wemmbley Hogg household. Since Giles's mother - Mums - and his father - Peter Wemmbley Hogg, same spelling - voted on opposite sides of the Brexit coin, nobody is speaking to each other anymore and Giles isn't even allowed to use the word "chez”.

    So, if - like Giles - you're confused, miserable and torn between the Remoaners and the Brexiteers, then this is the show for you as, in one glorious half-hour special, Giles decides that for the sake of his family - and probably Britain - he's going to ruddy well SORT IT OUT

    The show also stars Alexander Armstrong (“Pointless”, “Armstrong & Miller”) and Katy Wix (“Not Going Out”, “Agatha Raisin”)

    Written by Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremy Salsby
    with additional material by Nick Doody & Katie Storey

    Produced by David Tyler

RELEASED 01/01/2098

Since winning the BBC New Comedian of 1996, Marcus Brigstocke has emerged as a major talent in comedy, writing and acting. Most recently, he has shelved his stand-up microphone to play both King Arthur in Spamalot and Mr Perks in the award-winning production of The Railway Children at Waterloo station. Jeremy Salsby is a comedy producer and writer whose credits include Sorry, I've Got No Head, Friday Download and Pixelface. In 2009 he set up the independent production company Saltbeef TV. Graeme Garden is one third of the Goodies. He is a comedy veteran who has appeared in many BBC radio shows including I'l Sorry I'll Read That Again and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.