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Into Nature
  • Into Nature

  • 'A rare book that doesn’t just tell us how wonderful nature is, Into Nature helps us experience that wonder. A welcome, practical, and very enjoyable guide to the best show there is.' Tristan Gooley, New York Times–bestselling author of How to Read Water

    Explore, record, observe, get creative and go wild!

    Cultivate calm with The Mindfulness Project. Discover the simple mindful ways to connect with nature every day.

    Be inspired by over 70 simple exercises.

    Follow the guideposts to get the most out of your outdoor exploration.

    Use the field notes pages to document your findings and capture your insights.

The authors of this book, Alexandra Frey and Autumn Totton, are the founders of The Mindfulness Project. The Mindfulness Project is a platform for teaching and spreading mindfulness, which is done through a centre in London and internationally through a range of online programmes. Its team of expert teachers runs 8-week courses to build the essential skills of mindfulness and also offers advanced courses, drop-in classes, workshops and seminars on a range of mindful-living topics. Alexandra, Autumn and everyone at The Mindfulness Project are deeply motivated by the way the practice has changed and enriched their own lives and by the huge evidence base that shows it has the potential to do the same for many others. Learn more at: