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    'If this doesn't win the Man Booker Prize I'll write a follow up' - Dustin

    Wikibeaks is the first book from Ireland's biggest megastar, Dustin the Turkey. Destined to see Dustin's name added to the long list of Irish literary greats (Joyce, Yeats, Swift, Banville and Pippa) it will see the feathered one take his mighty pen to the Ireland he has helped shape over his 25 years as a national treasure.

    Wikibeaks exposes the real Ireland - and Dustin's central place in it - like no other book has done before. Featuring top secret exposés from the newly released Wikibeaks PIGs files, unreleased entries from the popular KipAdvisor website, and exclusive RTE Guide Dogs interviews with Ireland's top canine celebrities - as well as Dermot Bannon Does the Famine, Beach Yoga with Van Morrison, and much, much less. Dustin also talks about his plans for world domination, one Den presenter at a time; tells all about his notorious love life; and takes us behind the scenes at that Eurovision appearance.

    With a foreword from Zig and Zag, Wikibeaks will take the publishing world by storm as many of Dustin's loyal fans find themselves in bookshops for the very first time, robbing copies of a book that will in time make its way on to The Leaving Cert.

    Printed on paper from the very same tree from which RTE carved Pat Kenny, this won't just be the publishing event of the decade, it will be so much more, triggering Britain to stop Brexiting, as instead they see sense and offer themselves over to Ireland via a complicated tax deal with Apple and Bono. Wikibeaks will be for Irish publishing what the comments section on thejournal.ie has been for free speech.

Dustin the Turkey has been, eh, the moral heart of Irish public life for over twenty-five years. Born to Ireland's first celebrity same-sex couple, Zig and Zag, and hatched in 1989 from a surrogate egg which Ian Dempsey secretly kept under the desk at The Den, He became a stalwart of children's TV despite not knowing what the word 'stalwart' means, outlasting four human co-hosts, and along the way revolutionising the Eurovision Song Contest with his searing indictment on the entertainment industry, 'Ireland Douze Pointe', which went on to score 22 points. Dustin has released numerous CDs and DVDs, and is a regular on the Dublin panto scene, a subversive subculture that makes Fifty Shades of Grey look . . . well, grey. Dustin is a regular guest on Irish TV and radio where his insights into the political and cultural issues of the day are highly valued. He has over 58,000 followers on Twitter, has campaigned in two Irish presidential campaigns, is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and will do anything for cash.