Charlotte Rooks

You Can't Kill Me
  • You Can't Kill Me

  • How do you survive one of the worst cases of domestic abuse?

    “That is when I knew that I was f***ed. I thought I was going to die. That night I remember telling him to just kill me. He said ‘I will either give you bleach or you can put a bag over your head’. I remember really weighing up these options because I just wanted to die.”

    This is the hard-hitting but incredibly moving memoir from Charlotte Rooks, a woman who eventually found the inner strength to leave her partner, refuse to die by his hands and survivor of one of Britain’s worst cases of domestic violence.

RELEASED 01/01/2099

Charlotte lives and works in Wales. She has one son. One of the reasons why Charlotte is keen to share her story is to raise awareness for Cardiff Women’s Aid who she said were vital in her getting away and rebuilding her life. She would also like her story to help other women in her situation.