Michelle Ogundehin

Happy Inside
  • Happy Inside

  • HappyInside hands you the tools to create a home that invigorates, energises and protects; a space that invites people into your life, a sanctuary when you need to retreat and an armoury that gives you the confidence to achieve your dreams.

    Trained architect and home expert, Michelle Ogundehin, give step-by-step practical advice for harnessing the potential around you, whether your space is owned or rented, large or small, and regardless of how much money you have.

    Michelle knows that a tidy home is just that, tidy, but not always a happy home. Instead she argues your ‘things’ are what make you who you are. It is ‘stuff’ – items of no emotional value or story – that need to go. Feel like your space is not big enough? Michelle argues we don’t always need to move home, we need to make what we have work for us, and tells you how. Struggling to sleep? Michelle will help you get to the bottom of the emotional reasons for your insomnia, before equipping you with the know-how to design a soothing space to aid a good night's rest.From her non-negotiable rules to her instructions on the definitive capsule kitchen kit, this is a one-stop guide – all in the pursuit of becoming your best self.

    Combining Michelle’s knowledge of Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, and expertise in colour psychology, alongside everything learned from twenty years in design and architecture, HappyInside will help you be truly at home with yourself and the world outside.

RELEASED 11/06/2020

Trained as an architect, Michelle Ogundehin is also the former multi-award-winning editor-in-chief of British ELLE Decoration. Today she combines brand consultancy with TV presenting and writing, as well as contributing to Observer Magazine, Sunday Times, and publications worldwide. She is the lead judge on BBC Two and Netflix’s landmark series, ‘Interior Design Masters’ and co-presents Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs House of the Year’. Michelle was born in Manchester, grew up in London and now lives in Brighton with her young son and two boisterous Basset Hounds.