The Secret Cleaner

The Little Book of Cleanfulness
  • The Little Book of Cleanfulness

  • Find joy in cleaning your home (yes, really).

    Put away the bleach.
    Open this little book.
    And find out why cleaning is the new Zen.

    April, a.k.a. The Secret Cleaner, offers simple, no-fuss ways to clean your space with minimal products, time and effort AND how to reframe the way you think about cleaning.

    Chapters include: The Rage Clean and Redirecting The Rage Clean, Going Minimal, Making Cleanful Choices and 9 Things Your Forgot to Clean.

    Also includes The Secret Cleaner's Cleanful Recipes - quick to make, using natural ingredients, powerful and kind to you and the planet

The Secret Cleaner is a busy mum of two, originally from America, now living on the west coast of Scotland. She is a self-confessed rage cleaner turned cleaning enthusiast. She transformed the way she thinks about cleaning and wants to change your mind about cleaning too - with efficient, no-nonsense methods, grounded in science, to clean your home and raise your spirits.