Oliver Uberti

Atlas of the Invisible
  • Atlas of the Invisible

  • Data is ubiquitous: it shapes our world in intricate, invisible ways, and influences the way in which we live, move and connect. Drawing on vast datasets gathered through mobile phones, satellites, social media, archival records and scientific research, the award-winning cartographers James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti reveal these hidden patterns in Atlas of the Invisible, presenting an unseen story of humanity through a riveting series of maps and graphics. Certain to change and challenge the way you see the world, Atlas of the Invisible invites readers to marvel at the grandeur of data in all its promise and peril, and to revel in a new, intimate understanding of people and society around the globe today.

Oliver Uberti is a graphic designer and the recipient of many awards for his information graphics and art direction. He has made graphics for books by prominent scientists, including Harvard geneticist David Reich's international bestseller Who We Are and How We Got Here. Previously, he was Senior Design Editor at National Geographic. He lives in Los Angeles.

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