Molly Prentiss

Tuesday Nights in 1980
  • Tuesday Nights in 1980

  • Molly Prentiss


    One town. Three people. A single year that will change them all forever. Welcome to the seductive chaos of downtown New York

    Raul is an Argentinian painter, fresh on New York's downtown scene, about to explode into fame. James is the city's most notorious critic, known for his unique synaesthesia, his mind ablaze with fireworks and symphonies. And Lucy is just another young girl who escaped suburbia, all too easily dazzled by the brilliant strangers who cross her path.

    Exploding with colour and raw energy, this electrifying debut captures the spirit of a New York now long gone, a place of creation and destruction and endless possibility.

Molly Prentiss grew up in a commune in Santa Cruz, California. Hamish Hamilton published her debut novel, Tuesday Nights in 1980. She has a MFA in Creative Writing from the California College of the Arts, was a Writer in Residence at Workspace at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and at the Blue Mountain Center, and was chosen as an Emerging Writer Fellow by the Aspen Writers Foundation. She is also a contributor to various literary publications. Molly Prentiss lives in Brooklyn, New York.