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    *Pre-order the NEW book from the bestselling author of The Anxiety Solution*

    It's time to be the most confident version of yourself . . .

    Confidence is not something we either have or don't have - it can be built, and this straightforward guide will show you how.

    Renowned clinical hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge has helped hundreds of clients with anxiety and low self-confidence, and in this book will use her own stories, scientific research, and the experiences of other women to show you how to:

    · Feel more confident
    · Spend less time worrying and people-pleasing
    · Build self-belief
    · Reach your full potential
    · Assertively set boundaries for a happier, healthier you

    Brave New Girl reveals how everyone can follow their path to confidence.

    Praise for The Anxiety Solution:

    'Remarkable, pioneering, could change your life' Daily Mail

RELEASED 02/05/2019

Chloe Brotheridge BSc, DipH, DipNLP, HC is a clinical hypnotherapist and nutritionist who specialises in helping people who suffer from anxiety. Chloe has her own practice in London and has helped hundreds of sufferers overcome severe anxiety. Having experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks first hand since her teens, and having found her own path to inner healing, Chloe now feels privileged to be able to share with others the transformative tools and techniques she used herself to achieve a sense of control and inner peace.