Hatchimals: The Official Colleggtor's Guide 2
  • Hatchimals: The Official Colleggtor's Guide 2

  • Hatchimals

    Make some egg-shell-ent new friends with this fun, colourful guide to all the newest additions to Hatchtopia. Tigrette and Draggle are your guides in this journey to meet all of the latest arrivals from seasons three and four. And if you haven't yet met the original Hatchimals, then don't worry, because they're all in here too! Whether you want to find out about your favourite Hatchimal's rarity, nest type, flight ability or just their cute personality, this is the book for you!

    Also includes exclusive collector cards.

Hatchimals are magical and interactive creatures which hatch from beautiful, speckled eggs. The toy captivated children following its October 2016 launch, quickly becoming the season's hottest toy - and a global phenomenon. There is even more Hatchimals magic to come in 2018!