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Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex
  • Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex

  • 'The modern masterpiece . . . this savvy, comic tale ticks every box' The Daily Telegraph on Charlie Changes into a Chicken

    What happens when you feel stressed? Maybe you start sweating, or your heart beats faster.

    When Charlie McGuffin gets stressed, something a little bit different happens: he turns into an animal!

    Unfortunately, things are getting quite stressful for Charlie:

    - His dad's business is in real trouble
    - He might have to move in with his Aunt Brenda and her seventeen cats (and wooden leg)
    - And it's getting harder and harder to control his powers

    Luckily, Charlie's best friends Flora, Wogan and Mohsen are on hand to help.

    If they can break into the fortress-like offices of Van Der Gruyne Industries and recover the McGuffins' stolen gold, maybe Charlie won't have to move away after all.

    Can Charlie's friends help him master his powers once and for all, or will he end up stuck as a pigeon forever?

    Praise for Charlie Changes into a Chicken:

    'This is a really funny book!' Alice, age 8

    'My body couldn't help but shake with laughter' Maren, age 10

    'Belly-busting hilarity' The Guardian

    'Laugh-out-loud funny' The Mail on Sunday

    'Cleverly daft storytelling at its very, very best' Maz Evans, author of Who Let The Gods Out?

    'The best kind of silly' The Observer

    'Full of heart and humour, wit and wisdom' Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

    'Wonderfully heart-warming and absolutely hilarious' Catherine Doyle, author of The Storm Keeper's Island

Sam Copeland (Author) Sam Copeland is an author, which has come as something of a shock to him. He is from Manchester and now lives in London with two smelly cats, three smelly children and one relatively clean-smelling wife. Sam also works as a dinosaur de-boner, removing skeletons from dinosaurs and giving them to museums. Once the museums have finished with them, he then re-bones the dinosaurs, much to their relief. Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex is his second book, following his bestselling debut, Charlie Changes Into a Chicken. Despite legal threats, he refuses to stop writing.