Carolyn Suzuki

F is for Feminism: An Alphabet Book of Empowerment
  • F is for Feminism: An Alphabet Book of Empowerment

  • This bright and bold dictionary of twenty-six thought-provoking words from A-Z is perfect for equipping girls, boys and everyone with the words they need to empower themselves!


    Activism: trying to change something important by making your voice heard
    Brainpower: your ability to come up with brilliant ideas
    Compassion: caring about other people's suffering
    Diversity: including all kinds of different people
    Equality: when everyone is treated in the same way
    Feminism: fighting for equality between girls, boys and everyone

    With bright and inclusive artwork from illustrator Carolyn Suzuki, F is for Feminism is a great conversation starter, and will inspire and motivate activists of all ages.

Carolyn Suzuki is a Los Angeles Native. Her illustrations celebrate joy and diversity in human experience with bright colour, playful patterns, animal pals and a dose of humour. She uses the reach of her art in her activism, supporting female empowerment, human rights, voter engagement and organizations such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, RAICES and the Purple Purse Foundation.