Kingsley Amis

Colonel Sun
  • Colonel Sun

  • First published in 1968, four years after Ian Fleming’s death, this was the first Bond ‘continuation’ novel, penned by one of Britain’s finest novelists, Kingsley Amis.

    ‘A man in my line of business shouldn’t work to a timetable’

    Lunch at Scott's, a quiet game of golf, a routine social call on his chief M – James Bond’s life has begun to fall into a pattern that threatens complacency…until the sunny afternoon when M is kidnapped and his house staff savagely murdered. The action ricochets across the globe to a volcanic Greek island where, stripped of all professional aids, Bond must avert a world-menacing conspiracy and face unarmed the monstrous devices of the glacial, merciless Colonel Sun.

Kingsley Amis (Author) Kingsley Amis has been described as 'the finest English comic novelist of the second half of the twentieth century'. Born in 1922, he wrote over twenty novels, including Lucky Jim (1954), winner of the Somerset Maugham Award for fiction, The Old Devils (1986), which won the Booker Prize, and The Biographer's Moustache (1995). He also published several collections of short stories, poetry and non-fiction. Amis was awarded a CBE in 1981 and received a knighthood in 1990. He died in 1995. Philip Larkin (Author) Philip Larkin was one of the pre-eminent poets of the post-war period. Born in 1922, he graduated from Oxford in 1943 and became a librarian. His first collection of poetry, The North Ship, was published in 1945, but it was his second, The Less Deceived (1955) that would bring him into the public eye. The same year, he became University Librarian at the University of Hull. He remained there for the next thirty years, producing two more collections of poetry, The Whitsun Weddings (1964) and High Windows (1974). Collected Poems, comprising all Larkin's published and much of his unpublished work, was published posthumously in 1988. Philip Larkin's many awards include the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, and he received a CBE in 1975. He died in 1985.