Joel Morris

The Wonderful World of Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups
  • The Wonderful World of Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups

  • Jason Hazeley

    Can you imagine a world where there aren't just the thirty-two Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups you've seen in your local bookshop or downstairs toilet but hundreds and hundreds more?

    If you can't, then this book is here to imagine it for you.

    Here is an enormous collection of helpful guides to everything from worryingly high cholesterol to worryingly high mortgages - from teenagers you can't understand to prizewinning novels you can't understand - all presented simply and colourfully, in a way that even the most jaded, exhausted, baffled grown-up can enjoy.

    'This is such a good idea I'm currently experiencing all the physical sensations of anger because I didn't think of it, whereas Jason and Joel did, the shits.' Charlie Brooker

    'I do not hasten to say that these books are the new Da Vinci Code.' Aisling Bea

    'These books are small masterpieces. They make me glad I learned to read.' David Quantick

    'HILARIOUS. Beserkly brilliant.' Mel Giedroyc

Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris are the award-winning authors of the bestselling Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups series. They write for Charlie Brooker's BAFTA award-winning Wipe shows, and co-wrote Cunk On Shakespeare, Cunk On Christmas and Cunk on Britain. They have also written for the award-winning Murder in Successville, the award-winning Miranda, the award-winning Mitchell & Webb, the award-winning Armstrong & Miller and a long list of shows and people both award-winning and so-far-award-avoiding. They created and wrote the critically lauded but as yet un-awarded Ångström for BBC Radio 4, and helped write both the award-winning Paddington movies. They are co-creators of spoof local newspaper The Framley Examiner (awards pending) and the the bestselling but still-waiting-to-be-award-winning offbeat travel guides Bollocks to Alton Towers and Far From The Sodding Crowd. They present the podcast Rule of Three (Guardian Guide Best 50 Podcasts 2018 - is that an award?) and divide their time between their office, where they keep their awards, and an award-winning pub. This is their fortieth book.