Greg Palast

Armed Madhouse
  • Armed Madhouse

  • ‘Razor sharp research … shows why every US citizen should be quaking in their boots’ Metro, Books of the Year

    ‘Bill Hicks with a press pass’ The List

    Award-winning guerrilla journalist Greg Palast has gone where most have been too scared to unearth the ugly truth about the haves and have-mores who rule our world … America.

    Here he reports from behind enemy lines to reveal just how bad it’s got in a dangerous regime: how elections are bought and free speech comes at a price. How citizens are ruled by fear. And how our brave new globalized world means the poor get hammered, while corporations silently buy up the planet. It’s not pretty – but it’s all true …

    ‘Palast is one of the few journalists writing who has both the anger and the wit to offer himself up as a persuasive – and more importantly, readable – voice of the left’ Observer

    ‘A rollercoaster ride from Baghdad to New Orleans and Osama bin Laden’s cave to the back rooms of the Pentagon’ Big Issue

    ‘Very funny … For anyone who thinks that no-one from the US knows what’s going on, Palast is the perfect riposte’ Guardian

Greg Palast is an award-winning guerilla journalist. His previous book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy was an international bestseller.

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