Philip Parker

A New History of Britain
  • A New History of Britain

  • The greatest questions of our future can be answered by twelve crucial moments in Britain's history. Pre-order now.

    It wasn't long-ago that Britons could have been as at home in Varanasi as they could have been in Wolverhampton - why? - because the shape and location of Britian's land has not always been the same and with geographical changes throughout history, there comes an ever-changing British identity.

    By knowing more about the twelve key moments that occurred over a 2,000-year period, we can not only gain a full sense of our British history, but we can understand where we are heading.

    A New History of Britain is essential reading for certainty - to discover our past, to reveal our future and identify who we are and who we will be.

Philip Parker is a writer, consultant and publisher specializing in ancient and medieval political and military systems. He studied history at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and is the author of A History of Britain in Maps (2016), the DK Eyewitness Companion Guide to World History (2010) and many more. He was the general editor of Anova's Great Trade Routes (2010), and winner of a Certificate of Merit for the Mountbatten Maritime Award in the Maritime Media Awards 2013. As a publisher he ran The Times books list, including works on ancient civilizations and The Times History of the World. He lives in London with his partner and daughter.