Toni Maguire

Daddy's Little Girl
  • Daddy's Little Girl

  • Every family has its secrets, but some are worse than others.

    ‘I had learnt to switch myself off from feeling anything when he molested me. Just lie there like a wooden doll and don’t give him the satisfaction of allowing one whimper to leave your mouth.’

    Lynn’s mother wanted the world to see the perfect family. An immaculate house, three well-dressed children and a charming husband. But behind closed doors it was a different story.

    Abused by her father from when she was just a baby, Lynn would scream for her mother, who ignored the little girl’s cries. Nothing was going to shatter her perfect life. Threatened by their parents, Lynn and her brother never told anyone in fear of being separated, but the trauma of their past followed them throughout their lives, with devastating consequences.

    Now as Lynn tries to piece together and come to terms with her past as an adult, she discovers she wasn’t the only one with a secret.

RELEASED 06/02/2020

Madeleine Vibert (Author) Madeleine Vibert was taken into care when she was just a baby. She spent her early years in a crèche and her memories from that time are good ones. But that soon changed. At the tender age of five, Madeleine was transferred to Haut de La Garenne, the institution that made headlines just a few years ago. Madeleine was regularly abused under the home's care. When she was finally able to escape, she overcame her demons and married the love of her life and had two children. Toni Maguire (Author) Toni Maguire has published four bestselling books, inckluding two which covered her own story, Don't Tell Mummy and When Daddy Comes Home. Her success encouraged others who had kept their childhood secrets hidden to approach her and she has so far co-written five memoirs. Toni lives in the UK and has lived in Ireland.