Maureen Gaffney

Your One Wild and Precious Life
  • Your One Wild and Precious Life

  • A unique whole-life plan for navigating these ever-changing times and living a happy, productive and successful life

    Centennials. Millennials. Gen X'ers. Baby boomers. Traditionalists. We are in an era that loves a label at a time when how we actually live has never been more fluid.

    Unlike previous generations, we no longer expect to leave education forever in our early twenties; to be ready for the mortgage and 2.4 children by the time we hit thirty; to remain in one career till retirement; to give up on love or adventure or intellectual challenge as we age. It's exciting, liberating . . . and also, unsettling.

    Drawing on fascinating psychological research on how we are affected by these ever-shifting goalposts The Complete Life is a radical new perspective on making the best of our lives. Distinguished psychologist Maureen Gaffney applies a unique full life approach to navigating these complicated times. In The Complete Life she:
    - explores how our past, present and future are inextricably linked and how they influence each other in surprising and complex ways;
    - explains what motivates us to grow and develop and be at our best at every age and stage;
    - suggests how we can sustain our most important relationships and also manage the key elements of our lives - learning, working, mental and physical wellbeing - in every decade.

    The Complete Life is full of lively examples and concrete strategies. It is an inspirational, timely and essential manual for 21st-century living by the renowned author of the Number One bestseller, Flourishing.

Leading psychologist Dr Maureen Gaffney combines work in academia with a busy international consultancy business. She also serves on the executive committee of the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Her last book, Flourishing, was a Number One bestseller in Ireland and has sold over 70,000 copies. She is also a columnist, broadcaster and speaker.

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