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Torchwood: Border Princes
  • Torchwood: Border Princes

  • 'The twenty-first century is when it all changes, and you've got to be ready.'

    Separate from the government; outside the police, beyond the United Nations: Torchwood sets its own rules.

    A team of investigators, using alien technology to solve crime - both alien and human. This British sci-fi crime thriller, created by Russell T Davies, sees them delve into the unknown. A group of people fighting the impossible. Stars Captain Jack Harkness last seen in Doctor Who.

David Roden (Author) Originally hailing from Lichfield in Staffordshire, David Roden began his career working as an assistant for legendary film-maker Derek Jarman on films such as Wittgenstein and Blue. In 1993 David wrote the Doctor Who story Dimensions in Time that featured all of the then living Doctors, before moving into theatre writing and directing. David wrote the official schools' adaptation for Ben Elton of We Will Rock You. In more recent years, David studied at the Metropolitan Film School, before becoming an award-winning director and writer with his film The Resurrectionist. He also spent some time working in the BBC Drama Department in Cardiff working in script development, and now finds new writers and directors for the BBC's Continuing Drama series EastEnders, Casualty, Holby and Doctors.