Crap Graffiti

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Graffiti. It can be a diverse form of expression and thoughtprovoking art; whether painted on the side of a train or on a canvas hanging in a gallery. Or, as you will see immortalised in the glorious pages of Crap Graffiti, it can be crude drunken daubing, nonsensical statements or hilarious outpourings of uncontained rage.

Crap Graffiti documents these bizarre and puerile creations, celebrates the inept and enthusiastically applauds creative dyslexia. This is definitely not art, but really awful, lame graffiti: the incompetent attempts of beginners or the ‘profound’ musings of lunatics scrawled on the back of toilet cubicle doors.

Welcome to the Cream of the Crap.


Bruno Vincent has written many humour books, including the Sunday Times bestselling Do Ants Have Arseholes? and Do Bats Have Bollocks? (Sphere), coauthored with Jon Butler. His other titles have included The Secret Diary of Mario Balotelli (Sphere), Learn to Speak Mafia (Boxtree) and the Charles Dickens/Zombie mash-up A Christmas Carol II: CONTAGION (John Blake). He has also written several books for children, including two comedy gothic horror stories, Grisly Tales from Tumblewater and School for Villains (both Macmillan). He often visits schools to give storytelling workshops.