One Small Suitcase

Barry Turner

For ten months before the Second World War, thousands of children were bundled on to trains and waved goodbye to their parents as they set off across Germany and Holland to the ferries that would take them to England. The book is based on extensive interviews with those who helped to organise the transports, the families who took the children in and above all the young refugees as they began new lives in a strange country. Many were faced with a continuous stream of foster parents and children's homes; many were evacuated and even deported - and almost all never saw their parents again.


Barry Turner is a highly prolific writer of adult non-fiction - his subjects include world-wide politics, history and travel. He is the editor of The Writer's Handbook, an annual reference guide to the markets for creative writing, and The StatesmanYearbook, an annual publication dealing with the political, economic and social status of countries.