Celtic United

Frank Worrall

Bestselling author Frank Worrall digs deep to highlight the similarities between the clubs' fans and teams, builds a vivid picture of the tragedies and triumphs that have befallen both, and looks at the altruistic intent behind their formation.

Worrall also discusses the reasons why United and Celtic became the first two British clubs to win the European Cup, how they have each had a brilliant but tragic star within their ranks (George Best and Jimmy Johnstone respectively) and analyses the work of the men who have played for and managed each club.

Also given a voice in Celtic United are the fans who proudly swear allegiance to both teams. Rod Stewart, arguably their most famous fan, explains his affection for Celtic and United and describes how it came about that both teams feature in the lyrics of his song 'You're in my Heart'.


Frank Worrall

As the 2006 World Cup drew ever nearer, never had so much been expected of one so young in England. The nation's hopes for an end to 40 years of hurt rested squarely on the shoulders of 20-year-old Wayne Rooney.

This detailed biography charts his remarkable rise to the top, climaxing with his 2006 season at Manchester United and his impact on the world stage in Germany. It covers Rooney's astonishing story from adolescence to the World Cup of 2006, providing the definitive objective insight into just what makes the 'boy wonder' tick. Author Frank Worrall delves behind the headlines and the furore surrounding the man-boy who, in August 2004, became the world's most expensive teenager after joining United for £27 million.

Is Rooney the new Pelé or is he heading for early burnout like George Best and Paul Gascoigne? And what about his inner demons, that temper and his often stormy relationship with his fiancée Coleen?

From the massage parlours, the betting and the boozing, to the wonder goals and the glory, this book tells the full, explosive story of Rooney's rise to fame and builds a portrait of his crazy life as a young football star.

Wayne Rooney

Frank Worrall

Wayne Rooney is undoubtedly the most talked-about teenager in Britain, due to his undeniable footballing skills, record transfer fees and controversial off-the-field activities. But what is the real story behind the headlines and what makes the 'boy wonder' tick? In this revelatory book, author Frank Worrall goes behind the scenes to get the inside story on what has been a remarkable season for Rooney.

The debate has continued to rage over Rooney since he became the world's most expensive teenager after joining Manchester United for the sum of £27 million in September 2004. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson staked his reputation and his budget on the player, whose decision to leave Everton inspired vitriolic abuse and death threats from his former fans in Merseyside.

So is Rooney the new Pelé or is he heading for early burn-out like George Best and Paul Gascoigne? Was the fee paid a small price to pay for the greatest young talent in the world or an obscene amount to spend on a teenager who could be destroyed by his own inner demons?

This probing book reveals the dark machinations behind the deal that took Rooney from Goodison Park to Old Trafford, investigates the vicious hate campaign waged against the star, details his first bust-up with Ferguson and documents his part in the infamous tunnel row after the game against Arsenal on 1 February 2005.

Off the pitch, Rooney has had an equally turbulent time. His fiancée Colleen threatened to leave him after it was reported in the tabloids that he had visited massage parlours, while his parents were left to face up to the angry mobs in Liverpool. Then there were the problems involved in trying to settle in Manchester, his fractured relationship with agent Paul Stretford and the emergence of American millionaire Malcolm Glazer - who admitted he wanted to cash in on United after he witnessed Rooney's amazing initial impact.

This book tells the full, explosive story of Wayne Rooney's rise to fame. It delves beneath the headlines and the scandal to build a portrait of his crazy life so far as a young football star.


Frank Worrall is a journalist who writes regularly for the Sunday Times and The Sun, and who has previously written for the Mail on Sunday.