LEGO City: Ready, Steady, Stick Sticker Book


It's time for some sticker fun in LEGO CITY! Join the LEGO CITY coast guards, police, jungle explorers and more in their adventures and missions both out at sea and on land. This exciting activity book is packed with puzzles to solve, activities to complete and over 200 reusable cool LEGO stickers, providing hours of fun for all LEGO CITY fans.

LEGO City: Water Rescue


Are you ready to join the LEGO CITY coast guards and rescue people on sea and sand whenever they are in trouble? Help the coast guards in their daily duties on LEGO CITY beach by solving all the puzzles in this super new activity book. This book also contains funny stories and comics to read and it comes with a brilliant diver minifigure so your coast guard team has someone to save!

LEGO City: Bulldozer Break-in


A brand-new LEGO CITY adventure about thieves, bulldozers and police, complete with collectible minifigure.


LEGO® CITY depicts everyday city life including many of the key themes, from the police, fire and deep sea emergency services and the cool vehicles that children love building and playing with. It's a city full of charm, humour and action, ready to be explored!